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    Did you ever want to work for an IT company that values its people and has an impressive reputation in business community? If you are looking for a change, would like to work for a company that genuinely cares about both you and the client – you are in the right place. Send us your resume and we will be in touch!

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    Check out what our staff (your future colleagues?!) says about working at Complete Technologies:

  • I began working at Complete Technologies as a Desktop Technician and Junior Tech Analyst. Although I had studied Computer Science in college and have always had a keen interest in all things IT, I had very limited hands-on experience with business systems. Once hired by Andrey, that quickly changed. From shadowing senior techs to taking certified exams, I was always encouraged to learn and progress my career. The credentials & experience that I gained through working at CT have been and are invaluable. Throughout the 3 years that I worked there I found that hard work was appreciated and rewarded, being demonstrated with bonuses and regular salary increases.
    As a new-comer to Canada, the welcoming friendly attitude from all of the staff was what instantly made the company a joy to work at. There was an all-for-one, one-for-all attitude and this was a huge support both inside and outside of work. This created an excellent morale which in turn was felt by the customers and I think that really helps the company stand-out from the competition.

    I will never forget my time at Complete Technologies and I’ll always be grateful to Andrey and all of the other staff for allowing me to gain experience and giving me guidance and direction in my career path.
    Cormac Long (Past technician)

  • I am a Complete Technologies Technician and here are some thoughts that inform my actions with every trouble ticket that reaches my desk. This is why our customer service is award-winning, second to none.

    In our line of work, we must often be the harbinger of bad news. We get busy when other folks are having a bad day. We understand and take prudent care in the exercise of this responsibility. No one likes costly surprises and we go to great lengths, through established checks and balances to ensure that we are providing our valued customers honest, accurate and informative diagnoses. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we go to great lengths to ensure it and the integrity of our operations. Given the competition in our industry and the meagre margins for error, we must operate only upon a foundation of integrity with absolute attention to detail. As a small company in this field every Complete Technologies technician understands the importance of every interaction with every client, and we strive to the best of our abilities to make a bad day better.

    Management knows that customer satisfaction and superior customer support begins with happy technicians. The work environment at Complete Technologies is very positive, and conducive to happy, energetic and engaged technicians and support staff. Built-in to the time we spend resolving issues is adequate time to research, reflect and communicate. As a technician this is invaluable as it affords us the gift of professional development with every task. We grow as we work, strengthening our expertise and experience. An informed and prepared technician is more likely to get the fix correct on the first attempt—which ends up being more efficient especially on time-sensitive tasks. We carefully document the steps to resolution in plain language that every customer can understand. This clearly outlines the issues, probable causes, and the steps taken to resolve them; furthermore, it empowers the client helping them to avoid repeat problems. We guarantee the quality of our work, and we are happy to consult and discuss any comments, questions or concerns during and after the repair process.

    At Complete Technologies we pride ourselves on our track record of courteous, expert service delivered efficiently. We are the little guy with a big impact and a passion for what we do.

    Tallis Newkirk

  • Delivering excellent customer service builds trust and confidence.  As an employee of Complete Technologies- this is part of our corporate culture as it builds and creates brand awareness.  Our customers have high expectations in terms of our service and the expediency in which their requests are carried out.  Our brand loyalty has been cultivated by providing superior customer service and going above and beyond for our clients.  The workplace atmosphere driven by customer service that Andrey has created, ensures everyone is striving to do their best for our clients.  It has been ingrained in our workplace structure that quality services can expand our client base, but superior service is the key to retaining clients.  The customer has never been more informed or powerful than today, with the ability to offer opinions that have the potential to reach anyone on the planet.  Our clients are actively interacting with the staff at Complete Technologies, speaking and working with us as we represent the face of Complete Technologies.

    Becky Sagen