This page is dedicated for the Business IT Services and Managed Services feedback that we have received from our Business customers.

“We contracted Complete Technologies team to oversee a server migration and investigate the status of our security cameras. What we actually received was incredible comprehensive service across our entire network, fantastic response time, impressive technical expertise and insight into how our network could be improved and streamlined. They went over and above expectations. I have retained Complete Technologies contact information and often consult with them on technical matters before proceeding. I would not hesitate to recommend their service. (OK, now that all the usual fluffy recommendation stuff is done and out of the way, here’s the real deal. If you’re an organization that outsources their IT, you should be using them. Today. Whoever you have as your outsourced IT, if you’re not happy you need to call Complete Technologies now. You owe it to your staff.) “
Melissa Murray, Owner at Penny Lane Wedding Store, Saskatoon

chris_fossinier“Andrey at Complete Technologies is trustworthy, polite and an obvious choice if you are struggling with finding reliable IT support. The team at Complete Technologies are fantastic. Andrey has taken his passion for IT, and helping his clients and has successfully found the right people who echo those same characteristics. Handing off my clients to Andrey was effortless and I knew there would be no concerns. I still use Complete Technologies to this day for any IT issues that my clients need help with. The real challenge in this day and age is to find IT support that matches your budget and skill requirements. Many businesses today do not require a full-time person, but need reliable support. Other businesses struggle keeping a talented full-time employee for IT because they leave for other opportunities. Andrey and his team at Complete Technologies have you covered either way. It’s also nice to know that Andrey will be the first one to tell you if your IT requirements are better served by another firm (a rare occurrence). Save your company time and headache and Give Complete Technologies a call.”
Chris Fossenier, Founder & CEO at Rocket Inbound Saskatoon

“We at Culligan water had some trouble with our computers so we called Computer Troubleshooters and they came over right away. They analyzed our problem within minutes and within a very short time had us up and running. I would highly recommend their services for all your computer needs”
Rod Hollinger, Water specialist at Culligan Water Saskatoon

“Team at Complete Technologies was fantastic and I’m really pleased with everything. I may have questions but I’m glad to have you guys as a contact and I think things went as smooth as they could have. Thanks very much!”
Terry Levitt, Ph.D., Registered Doctoral Psychologist. Saskatoon

kevin_kindrachuk“Team at Computer Troubleshooters have been amazing to deal with. When my computer was down and I needed a quick fix to get back up and running again for my business, they were there for me. They put in extra hours and worked outside of their regular business hours to ensure everything was done in the tight timeline required. It was super quick and they did an incredible job with their customer service. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing help with their IT or computer repair. Next time I need help, they’re my first call!”
Kevin Kindrachuk / Partner at Kijenga Saskatoon

“Top notch service, friendly and informative. I was really impressed and would use your services again. Thank you for the prompt attention! Cormac was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Happy to recommend you!”
Rhonda Johannson at Patina Floor Endecor Saskatoon

grant“Thanks again for you help on our issue. Your help was instrumental in getting us back on line with our clients. Your staff was great and very helpful.”
Grant Douziech, BSc, MBA, Partner/Senior Consultant at Apex Performance Consultants Saskatoon. June, 2014

“You were all great to deal with and I appreciated the updates along the way. We will use your services again.”
Regan Tameling at Westridge Homes Ltd Saskatoon

“I was very happy with the service provided – very quick turn around time which I appreciated as I have a home based business and am very dependent on my computer.”
Barbi G Petersen at The Black Door Events Saskatoon

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