Save Time and Grow your Business Faster using Managed Services

  1. Managed Services Saskatoon

Wondering whether you business in Saskatoon will benefit from Managed Services?

Do you find yourself or your staff members spending hours on end trying to solve IT problems? Computer crashes or even just doing basic network set up can take up hours of productive time that could be spent on activities to help grow your company and improve operations.

Using a Managed Services plan like PROactive can help you save time and money by letting you and your team focus on running your business, while leaving technical issues to the professionals and ensuring the safety and security of your network and documents.

Here are some benefits of using a Managed Services Plan:

  1. Expert IT Support When you Need it: When you get PROactive you automatically get an entire IT department or support for your current IT department. Our IT experts are available 24/7 to quickly and efficiently handle any computer, network or server problem on any platform, as well as monitor your systems, fix many issues remotely and a help desk so someone is always available to help answer your questions.
  2. Get More Out of Your Investment and Outperform Your Competitors: IT is an integral part of your company’s efficiency. By letting the experts at Complete Technologies handle your systems, you will have more time and resources to dedicate to growing your business and outperforming your competition.
  3. Detect Network Problems Before They Can Affect Your Operation: With constant monitoring, Complete Technologies is able to prevent up to 80% of all computer problems before our customers are even aware of them. And if you do have issues, we install advanced remote support tools so our team can diagnose and resolve any issues immediately without interrupting your operations.
  4. Keep your Technology Systems Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine: Along with resolving IT issues and freeing up your time, using Managed IT Services ensures your IT systems are all running smoothly 100% of the time. We monitor your backup system for security, manage all your technology vendors for you (Internet, Phone and Business Applications) and guarantee no downtime with our Platinum pan.

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