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Data recovery services don’t need to be expensive to be successful!

  • Having Problems Accessing Your Data?
  • Deleted or Corrupt Files?
  • Crashed Hard Drive?
  • Lost Photos?
  • Not sure what to do next?

Don’t panic! We can Help.

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Feedback from our customers:

“I thought I may have lost the most valuable things I have – pictures of my children. I had been pretty good at backing up all my pictures… until the last couple years. My intententions were good but I just never got around to it. One day I went to go look at something on our external hard drive and it was empty. My husband nor I could recover any of the data, I brought it in to to Computer Troubleshooters and the the next morning they had it fixed and I had all my pictures back (along with all the other files as well.) I am so very grateful to Computer Troubleshooters for their service!”
Bobbi MacKay, Saskatoon.

We will help with your hard drive recovery needs!