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At Complete Technologies we recognize the critical role that computers, networks, and technology in general plays in every business. We will manage your network and support your team, letting you focus on what matters most to your business. Let us earn your trust to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, we’ve got this.

But what happens when technology lets you down?

  • How much staff time is wasted dealing with slow computer or system crashes?
  • How much of your time is spent dealing with technology vendors that can only speak geek-language?
  • And if your system crashes, how do you recover in a timely manner?

PROactive – this is the name of our industry-leading Managed Services Plan. When you join the club of our PROactive clients, we can become your entire IT department or supplement / support your current IT department – enabling a better quality of life for you and your team, while increasing the level of service to your staff. Your fixed monthly fee covers everything you will need to guarantee the smooth operation of your technology infrastructure.

Here are some benefits of our Managed Services Plans:Great customer service

  • Expert IT support when you need it.
  • Get more out of your investment, outperform your competitors.
  • Detect network problems before they can affect your operation.
  • Keep your technology systems running like a well-oiled machine.


Features of PROactive include:

  • Handle any computer, network, or server problem (including Windows, Virus, & Spyware problems) via remote support or on-site.
  • Monitor your technology 24/7, including preventing up to 80% of all computer problems before our customers are even aware of them.
  • Install advanced remote support tools to enable our team to diagnose and resolve problems quickly if they do occur.
  • Monitor your backup system to be sure your data is backed up safely.
  • Provide a Helpdesk so all your employees have prompt, easy access to high quality support consultants anytime they have a computer question or problem.
  • Manage all your Technology Vendors for you (Internet, Phones, Business Applications.)
  • Guarantee No Downtime (on our Platinum plan.)

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