• Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S, Website Content and LinkedIn!

    At Complete Technologies, we’ve once again braved the information-overload of the internet to find current trends, important alerts or general hints and tips from other sources. Here’s the best technology information of the month, relevant to small businesses. Enjoy the articles in bite-sized pieces and click on the Read More links to see the full […]

  • Watch out for these hoaxes and scams

    Watch out for these hoaxes and scams! If you receive an email message that sounds credible, do you check it out before you action it or forward it to your friends? Not everything you read is true, so let’s look at some common hoaxes and scams. ‘Send us your money’ scams, purely designed to get […]

  • Welcome to the News Section

    Complete Technologies is now sharing its computer expertise in another medium for its customers. Online! Complete Technologies now has its own news portal, which we hope will become a valuable resource for you as you navigate the sometimes complicated world of understanding computers. Looking for networking tips, how to solve connectivity problems? Or need some ideas on […]