On Site & Remote Tech Support

Flexible support regardless of your location

Gone are the days of location dependence and having your team all under one roof. With the landscape of business ever changing it’s important to have support and solutions that you can access from anywhere.

Whether you’re running a business from a rural or urban location, we can help. On site and remote support is just that, solutions where and when you need it. Our team works with you in non-techy terms to ensure you have a firm grasp on your new skills and technologies.

On Site Support:

We will help put you at ease, guiding you through what can sometimes be daunting technology decisions or troubleshooting a problem you may have.

Remote Support:

Whether it be by phone, email, or through advanced remote support tools, we will keep you and your team up and running.

Dedicated IT team support

Limited downtime

Trusted technology

Sharing our passion for the latest technology

Our experienced, professional technicians, love working with local businesses in Saskatchewan. Our team has offices in Regina and Saskatoon allowing us to service your company in person when you need us. We are excited to make your life easier and improve your overall business efficiencies from a technology standpoint, and keep your team happy!

What our clients have to say

We appreciate how quickly Complete Technologies are able to respond to any of our IT issues. There is good communication with all levels of the company, whether it is regarding changing equipment or network set up, operation issues, service calls, or invoicing. They are great at following up after a service call to make sure that the issue is resolved, and will attend to any further issues in a timely fashion.

Flame Tech 2000, Saskatoon

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Remote Support Request Form

Remote Support Request Form

Remote Support Request Form