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Micro-Refinery Experts!

We recently onboarded Independent Energy Corporation.  They are an interesting company that is set for great expansion this upcoming year.  They are Micro-Refinery specialists.  This means that their main projects consist of developing micro-refineries within Saskatchewan utilizing locally produced light sweet crude oil feedstock.  This creates an environmentally friendly premium product of ultra-low Sulphur diesel.

The Complete Technologies group has been fantastic to work with. Response time and communication are excellent and make IT issues much less of an interruption to day to day business. Highly recommend these folks if you are looking for third party tech support.
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Shawn McDonald

Independent Energy Corp. is a privately funded corporation focused on the development of economical, environmentally friendly micro-refineries utilizing proprietary technology and high standards. Their senior management team has nearly 100 years of experience in all facets of upstream oil and gas production, transportation, and refining experience including facility conception and design, construction, operation and regulatory compliance.

It means a lot to have such positive reviews from a knowledgeable, innovative, and environmentally friendly company!