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Is Your Business Safe From Cyber-Attacks and Data Loss? Let Chris Fossenier Help!

Complete Technologies’ very own Chris Fossenier is presenting in the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Peer Power Series!  At Complete Technologies we make sure that your hardware, software, and data are safe around the clock!  We make sure to do the heavy lifting and protecting behind the scenes, so you can focus your time and energy on business initiatives without worry.

Cyber security threats are on the rise with no sign of slowing down. Ransomware, network vulnerabilities, malware, viruses, and lack of employee education are costing businesses over $600 billion USD each year. Learn how to easily identify these vulnerabilities in your own organization.  Chris will present an easy-to-digest overview of the most common threats along with receiving an assessment tool kit that you can use on your own business!

Chris has been involved with business systems and technology for over 25 years.  He has worked with various businesses from local plumbers to national hedge funds and everything in between. He has experienced firsthand how the proper use of technology empowers businesses to become more robust and successful.

Chris will be presenting this topic on Wednesday, October 28th at 1 pm.  You can register for this Free Zoom class via http://www.saskatoonchamber/events