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Viruses and Phishing Attempts

Part of the value of having a managed IT provider is to protect you and your business from scams.  Since COVID, these scams have drastically increased as more people are working online.  An example of a phishing scam happened to our very own client Patti from Muskowekwan School this week!

Patti was in the middle of teaching her class through their virtual portal when all of a sudden, her screen froze, and a pop up took over the screen! Her computer even started playing siren noises!  She got a ‘notification’ saying that her computer had a virus with a message to call a number to give access to her computer.  Luckily, Patti recognized that this was a scam and called us right away!

Our technician Jeremy took the call immediately and was able to solve the issue within 10 minutes and got her class back up and running.  He ran Webroot and Malware Bites on her computer to check if there was a virus.  It turns out that there wasn’t a virus, it a phishing attempt.

This story serves as an important reminder to trust your inner voice of suspicion.  Do not give anyone access to your computer unless it is from a hired IT company that you trust.

Call us today for how to protect yourself and your business from these scams with minimal downtime.