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Saskatchewan Polytechnic Gradually Re-Opening Classes – Is Your Business Safe from Ransomware?

Around the 1st of November 2020, Saskatchewan Polytechnic was a victim of a cyber-security attack. Here is a link to their official update site regarding the attack.

Sask Poly is not alone this year, there have been many cyber-attacks on businesses. The important question to ask is, “Is your business safe from a cyber-attack?”.

Backup Your Data to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

The very first step is to ensure that your critical data is being backed up. If you do not know, ask your IT person / team. If you are unsure of who to ask, simply give us a call and we will help out. You can reach us any time at 306.361.6787.

How Often Should I Backup?

Having a backup is the most important element of protecting yourself from cyber attacks like ransomware. If your data is encrypted or lost, you simply go to the most recent backup and carry on. However, you must determine the allowable amount of data loss for your organization. Can you lose a week? A day? 15 minutes? Typically, the more employees you have the smaller the window of allowable data loss.

At the very least, you should have a backup every night.

Where is Your Backup?

All too often we see businesses with a backup drive attached directly to their file server or computer. A backup like this is not a proper backup. For example, if you were to be infected with ransomware, it is highly likely that any attached drives would also be encrypted. We provide all of our customers with secure offsite backup. If you are on a restricted budget, try to implement a 3 drive rotation for your backups and have someone take the newest backup home with them.

If you need help with your backup solution, give us a call at 306.361.6787 or just send an email to helpdesk@completetech.ca.