Our Process

Get Up and Running with Complete Technologies Managing Your Information Infrastructure

Change can be stressful but knowing what to expect from the beginning to end of our onboarding process means there are no surprises and one less thing to worry about.

We understand that most businesses are looking to feel at ease knowing their technology is supported, so we aim to onboard you as quickly as possible while still maintaining our high-quality standards throughout the process.

In less than one month, you’re up and running with our team managing your technology insfrastructure.


1 - Deploy management agent

Deploy first agent to begin network discovery

2 - Start gathering documentation

Information about all of the systems & tools that make your business tick.

3 - Secure all admin accounts

Changing all administrative passwords & ensuring we have access where we need.

4 - Implement backup solution

Get your data backed up so it is safe & secure.

5 - Deploy management agent on all systems

The tools that allow us to help you (even remotely).

6 - Continue to gather information for network review

Reviewing past service tickets & new tickets we receive. Finding all vendor & support information.

7 - Present network review

Information sharing about what equipment we have found within your business & the health of those devices.

8 - Discuss proposed changes based on discovery

If we discover any issues or risks, we also offer a plan to fix them.

9 - Team Introductions

An opportunity to get to know the awesome team supporting you.

10 - Finalize documentation

Wrap up all the information we have gathered.

11 - Train team on the network

Our whole team will understand your business for seamless support.

12 - Begin any projects identified in review

Take action to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your technology.

Learn More About Managed Services

Learn More About Managed Services