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Ensuring compliance & privacy

Privacy and security is not something that we shy away from, we meet it head on, as a law firm, you need this type of trust in your IT company.

Complete Technologies has been providing IT services for legal offices and attorneys in Saskatchewan, with the capacity to reach your satellite firms across the country. Our technology experts have been rising to the challenges and IT needs of the legal industry since 2011, and solutions that we use are approved by the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

Daily Support and Computer Network Support:

  • Complete Technologies provides top-notch law firm IT support and consulting to small and medium size law offices.
  • With our proactive and cost-effective Managed Services, we have the right tools and expertise to take care of your business.
  • Whether on-site or remotely, our Help desk engineers provide law firm IT support, so you can take care of your clients.
  • We include unlimited Help desk support as part of our Managed Services, and most network issues can be addressed without an on-site visit and without additional hourly labour fees.

Data protection and Security for Attorneys:

  • Many law firms have special compliance needs, like HIPA.  We have the experience and hands-on implementation skills that help us understand the growing needs of legal practices to protect sensitive client data throughout the firm.
  • Complete Technologies integrates data security into your firm’s day-to-day practices.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery for Law Firms:

  • Complete Technologies provides law firm data backup and protection services that give you the accessibility, security, and affordability you need to ensure your business continuity. Unexpected computer network incidents can paralyze your practice.
  • With a proper Business Continuity Plan we can assist your practice in defining the bad-case-scenario protocol, and help to avoid or fix any disastrous situations before they can do any damage to your law firm.
  • Whether your office faces a natural disaster such as flooding or fire, or confidential client database file that becomes corrupt and unusable, we can help you minimize the amount of downtime your law firm experience, so you can get back to serving your clients as soon as possible.

Support for your Law Firm’s Mission-Critical Applications:

  • What happens if your case management program stops responding? Would you be able to continue with your day-to-day routine if any of your mission-critical software is down?
  • Complete Technologies is experienced in providing support for the tools that your attorneys rely on every hour so you can get your critical application back on track.
  • Our vendor experience is highly versed in the software and hosted solutions commonly used within the legal industry (PC Law, ESI Law, etc.).

Email Archiving, Data Storage management and Compliance:

  • Any organization or business must know where their data is, how to retrieve it and how to meet data requests; data must be indexed and searchable; in addition, it must be determined what data will be or will not be subject to search.
  • We have deep knowledge of best email archiving, data storage and compliance solutions that your law firm may need. From research to implementation and management, you can count on Complete Technologies to provide you with best of services.

Our virtualization experts can help you benefit from:

  • Technology Consolidation: Combining separate machine or application workloads into a smaller number of systems will consolidate your technology.
  • Enhanced Business Continuity: Virtualization allows you to utilize simplified data recovery solutions to quickly recover after a disaster.
  • Improved Application Performance: Rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing significantly improves application performance.
  • Reduced Costs: Costs will be reduced through less hardware, less downtime, simpler maintenance, and less electricity used.

You can rest assured knowing your business is protected with:

  • Email Protection to prevent spam and viruses from reaching your network or your inbox.
  • Email Archiving to securely store and archive all email communications for compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Web Filtering to block malicious or inappropriate web content while enhancing employee productivity.
  • Managed Firewall to configure, maintain, and monitor your firewall for the purpose of blocking malicious traffic.
  • Intrusion Protection to utilize a virtual patch applied to your network, which is monitored and maintained to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Wireless Information Security to determine and implement the most secure wireless setup for your business.
  • Vulnerability Analysis to pinpoint the weak spots in your network through regular vulnerability analyses performed on an ongoing basis.

Your firm faces a wide-range of security threats, from email spam to hacking attacks and everything in between.  In fact, cyber crime is becoming more and more sophisticated each day. Complete Technologies offers Security Solutions to protect your firm against ever-evolving security threats.

Have you taken the necessary precautions to prevent productivity loss, data loss, lawsuits, or even penalties for non-compliance?  We cover all the bases, including your network, IT systems, and data, to protect against viruses, hackers, spam, phishing attacks, and various other forms of malware.

What our clients have to say

Outstanding Service! I continue to be impressed with the service provided by Complete Technologies. Andre has been helpful attending to the IT needs of our growing legal practice. He listens, he is competent, and he follows up to ensure that everything is meeting our expectations. We will continue to use Complete Technologies in the future and recommend this business without reservation.

Lavier Law Office, Saskatoon

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