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Ensuring compliance & privacy

Maintaining compliance for patient privacy and adhering to industry standards are of paramount importance for your practice. As patient care has changed, so too has technology and most aspects of your practice are managed via computers you need more and more help with their technology in order to stay HIPA and PIPEDA compliant. Failure to be compliant can mean huge fines.

At Complete Technologies, we are well versed in the unique needs of the medical industry from a technology perspective

EMR, EHR, and other technology related acronyms are flooding your office manager’s to-do list and above all else you need to be able to provide an always on, always available technology infrastructure in order to operate in the most profitable way possible.

Complete Technologies team recently assisted our office in migrating 40 users to Office 365. The staff at Complete Technologies were very professional, diligent and completed their job in a very timely manner. What impressed us most was their determination to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Lakeside Medical Clinic, Saskatoon

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