Weekly Hero

I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night ...

Jarett Avatar
Jarett Crosby- 21st May 2020

Spotted Near the Inspiration for Avatar

When he’s not deciphering ancient Chinese texts, Jarett is solving problems and backing up his team. He will humbly state that the work he is doing isn’t that big of a deal, but in tech, it’s all a big deal!

James Matkowski - Managed Services Weekly Hero
James Matkowski - 14th May 2020

UK import gets it done with a smile

When Dylan was asked who deserved the weekly hero chalice this week, here was his response:

“Defo James Matkowski for always being down to help with anything. Onsite, random ticket schedules and just plain stepping up ready with a smile to do anything to help out the team.”

James is one of the newest members of the Complete team, but he has quickly earned his stripes. Always positive and eager to help out, he is a strong member of our team!

Dylan and Frank write-up 576x520
Dylan & Frank - 7th May 2020

Dylan saves the day ... even on a Saturday

It is no surprise that Dylan was chosen as the weekly hero. Dylan is always solving problems and making our clients’ lives better, but this week he went above and beyond over the weekend. One of our customers had an Internet outage that impacted their POS and customers could not buy products! It was a Saturday and the checkout lines were long! Dylan quickly got onsite and got the cashiers back online before he dove into finding the cause of the problem. In the end, Dylan discovered the issue and all was well!