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Corby Has Joined the Team!

Corby was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He has strong European heritage, as his mother’s side is British, and his dad’s side is Italian.  Like every Canadian boy, he was big into hockey and played 12 years of competitive hockey as a goaltender.

When he is at home, he can be found playing League of Legends and Fallout 76.  Cryptocurrency is another hobby of Corby’s as he mines crypto with GPU’s and trades quite often.  He also has a dog which is about 2 years old and still causing a ruckus around the house!

Corby is a graduate from Campbell Collegiate high school back in the day and years later he went back to school for a Network Technician certificate in 2014 at S.I.A.S.T. here in Regina.  That started his career in I.T. and has been at it ever since!

Corby is quite ambitious, with his goals centering around improving himself in both his career and in life. He loves learning new things and enjoying all the good times with his fellow employees.