Our People

Meet our fantastic team.

Anastasia Akhmetshina

Anastasia has the longest name.

Andrey Olinov

Andrey likes to drive fast.

Andriy Bondar

Andriy keeps us on track.

Chris Fossenier

Chris plays hockey and donates blood.

Dave Brown

Dave is our local security pro.

Dylan Facey

Dylan likes having long hair.

James Matkowski

James likes to cook.

James Mercer

James is the best at finding sheds.

Jarett Crosby

Jarett is the smartest.

Jeremy Paulenko

Jeremy is the nicest.

Justin Schultenkamper

Justin can grow a habarnero.

Kira Blomquist

Kira is the youngest.

Leslie Cherneske

Leslie likes Chris' chili.

Stephen Crichlow

Stephen has the best smile.

Tyler Hamilton

Tyler works the hardest.