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Early Childhood Intervention Program – A Great Cause

At Complete Technologies, we have the privilege of working with many great charities and non-profit organizations. Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP) is one of these fantastic organizations.

Until we received a call from ECIP to help them with their technology systems, I had never heard of this program. The Saskatoon ECIP is part of a province-wide network of support services that comes right to your home. The target audience is children who are at risk for delay in their educational development. An Early Childhood Consultant will come out to the home of the child and help the family to learn various ways to help to improve the child’s development.

Our job is to keep their network and technology running smoothly so that they can focus on carrying out this amazing work. We have been working with Arlene and her team in Saskatoon for over a year now. Although we have to work within a fairly tight budget (quite common for non-profits), we have been able to drastically increase the quality of service for Saskatoon ECIP.

We are so happy with the customer service, efficiencies and follow up We recently switched to Complete Technologies and so far, it has been a total success. We are so happy with the customer service, efficiencies and follow up. In addition, Complete Technologies provides us with regular, comprehensive reports on the status of our equipment, which gives us peace of mind that everything is working correctly and that things are stabilized. Complete Technologies worked with us, to customize our portfolio according to our needs and consideration that we are a non-profit organization. We would definitely recommend Complete Technologies to other agencies and businesses!
Arlene Trask Avatar
Arlene Trask
Executive Director, Saskatoon Region ECIP

If you are interested in finding out more about ECIP or perhaps donating to their great cause, here is some information:

website: https://saskatoon.ecip.ca

sponsor link : https://saskatoon.ecip.ca/funding


Early Intervention Childhood Program Saskatoon Office

Address: 2302 Hanselman Ave Suite 10, Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Z3
Phone: (306) 657-3247