Troubleshooting & Support

S.O.S. Save Our System

Losing the functionality of your number one business tool can be incredibly frustrating! At Complete Technologies we are proud to offer same day, on site support and troubleshooting services in Saskatoon, Regina and the surrounding area.

Whether you’re operating a PC or Mac system our team will investigate the problem until the issue is completely resolved and you can get back to work as fast as possible.

Our comprehensive computer repair and maintenance program offers assistance with:

Initial Setup

Easily transition your business to new computer hardware and transfer information from old systems. We’ll do all of the leg work in getting your system up and running in record time.

Troubleshooting & Repair

We troubleshoot and repair any software or hardware that’s currently not working properly, and can even provide replacements computers if necessary. Internet connection seem slow? We can help with that too! Repairing your computer is what we do best.

Maintenance & Support

Keep your software, applications and hardware current and running properly. We’ll configure all your new programs to ensure that all your applications are up-to-date.

Often times there is no need for a whole new system, it’s time to turn to Complete Technologies for help. We are local computer repair experts who specialize in professional service and customer satisfaction.

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